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(Available for Adoption) Members of the Woodinville Neighbors Facebook group posted several sightings of a loose Jindo. UBS volunteers created map tracking his daily route, spent hours and hours driving, walking around and chatting with the neighbors, and getting permission for and setting traps. Nick spent a lot of time running down the middle of Woodinville-Duvall Rd, which scared us all, trying to coax and almost captured him multiple times over the course of a week. He was finally caught with calming signals.

Nick did have a family, but the family decided that when he was captured that was not the right family for them and needed to go to the shelter. UBS is great at rehabilitating skittish dogs, so the family agreed to release him to Useless Bay Sanctuary. We will be taking great care of Nick, working with his socialization, learning how to walk on a leash, and getting him comfortable without wanting to run off.