Help a Stray

What to Do If You See a Stray Dog Wandering Loose

If you see a dog wandering down the street, what can you do to help?  Taking the right approach can make all the difference.  This could be someone’s lost pet, and your actions could be crucial to returning the dog to his family.  In most cases, when you see a dog casually roaming the street, the dog lives nearby.  Chasing after him could displace him from his safe zone.  Please follow these steps.  And remember, if the wandering dog is in the greater Seattle-Tacoma-Everett area, you can contact UBS to see if we are available to help the dog. 

  1. Don’t chase or call after the dog.
  2. Get several pictures.
  3. Use calming signals.
  4. Post on a local Facebook page, Nextdoor, Neighbors, and Craigslist.
  5. Ask someone in the neighborhood if the dog lives nearby.
  6. See if the dog will jump in a car.
  7. Be careful to avoid being bitten.
  8. A humane trap may be needed.
  9. Call animal control.
  10. If you catch a dog, make every effort to find the owner.