Founded in 2013, Useless Bay Sanctuary is a team of rescuers passionate about helping lost dogs.  We help dogs that other people may have trouble capturing.  Our mission is to help those stray dogs that may not fit with the tools and resources of traditional animal shelters and rescues. 

We have experience and tools specific to hard-to-catch dogs.  We also have the flexibility to persist in helping a dog that may fall outside the jurisdiction or skill set of other rescues and shelters.  Once we capture a lost dog, we make every reasonable effort to find the original owner.  If we can’t find that original owner, we place dogs in new homes that have been screened, to give our dogs the best life possible.  We are a nonprofit, 501c3 charitable organization.

Why call it Useless Bay Sanctuary? Useless Bay, at the south end of Whidbey Island, is one of our favorite places, and it is anything but useless. It was named Useless Bay because it is not deep enough for large ships. One person’s useless is another person’s treasure. The dogs we will be saving may have been deemed useless by someone, but we will find a place where they are valued family members.