Lost Pet Sites & Pages

There are many websites that offer free online listings for lost pets. If you find a stray dog, it is important to post to several different sites when searching for the owner. Most importantly, be sure to notify the local shelter. Most shelters have an online form which only takes minutes to complete. Some other popular sites to post a found dog are listed below.

Websites and Apps

Nextdoor (for the neighborhood the dog was found)

Craigslist (Lost & Found)



Neighbors by Ring app (You don’t need to have a Ring camera to use the app.)


Posting on Facebook community and lost pet groups is also very helpful for reuniting lost pets. Some of the more popular lost pet pages are listed below.

Lost Dogs of King County WA  

Lost Dogs of Snohomish County #1  

Lost and Found Pets of Pierce County, Washington  

Lost & Found Pets Wa State