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WA-518 Shepherd

(Reunited) For over two days, this shepherd survived Shepherd survived next to the freeway while eluding rescuers. Many people reported seeing him running along the same stretch of freeway, then darting into the woods. Volunteers went out after the initial sighting but did not see the dog at first. A paw print next to the shoulder was evidence that they were in the right location. 

The woods were searched as much as possible, while volunteers kept watch of the freeway. While handing out flyers and talking to neighbors south of the wooded area next to the freeway, a homeowner reported seeing him several times. A trap and camera were set, but the dog didn’t visit the trap. After more reports of the dog on the freeway, the trap was moved to the edge of the wooded area on the freeway side, while a volunteer stayed and watched.

It worked. He survived because of Useless Bay Sanctuary volunteers who worked swiftly, cautiously, and thoroughly in a dangerous situation. He was scanned for chip and none was found, so he was taken to the King County shelter. The next day, his owner commented on the Lost Dogs of King County post and was informed his dog was at RASKC where they were reunited.