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(Adopted) Sidney was trapped in a humane trap in Oak Harbor. She had been wandering for three months. She is a sweet girl, about 50 pounds, maybe 3 years old. She has a few issues from her time running wild, like anxiety about passing cars. 

Sidney’s story:

I love Sidney.  Sidney loves me.  She is a beautiful, healthy, sweet, gentle, perfect dog.  So why would I let her go to a new home?  People wonder, Isn’t it unfair to Sidney to rehome her when she is so clearly happy where she’s at?  I can’t keep Sidney for several reasons.  First, I am a foster, and I can’t keep all of them.  I have fostered 25 dogs so far, each of them deserving of the best.  I often see pictures of the dogs I fostered, happy in their new, permanent homes, and I know I did the right thing letting them go on to new lives.  Another reason I can’t keep Sidney is because she is perfectly adoptable.  She would fit in with many different families.  I have five dogs, all of whom were unwanted.  Although Kelsy and Fozzie would have been very adoptable, had I been able to part with them, Komu, Sky, and Viktor were basically unadoptable.  It’s not their fault.  Komu was neglected as a puppy, Sky lived in a cemetery for four months, and Viktor ran the streets for five weeks, running from Everett to Seattle.  I love their quirks and challenges, but I don’t know too many people with the ability to deal with these crazy dogs. 

Sidney was skittish and unable to trust people when we first trapped her.  She had been roaming the streets for three months, and we were told that people were throwing rocks at her and trying to run over her with their cars.  By being patient and spending time with her, I was able to help her relax and remember what it’s like to be loved and cared for. Because Sidney is so easy to love, I have to let her go.  I hope to visit her from time to time in her new home.  I am grateful that I got to spend 12 days with her, and I truly enjoyed having her.  I hope she will always remember me and know that I love her even when I’m not with her. Useless Bay Sanctuary needs more fosters so that we can help more dogs like Sidney.