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(Adopted) Dudley is an energetic young dog, eager to learn. He needs stability and consistency, which he has not had so far in his life. He was found in Everett, with an old bite wound. His injury is healing, and his previous owners chose not to claim him. Dudley gets along great with some dogs, but may be overwhelming for other dogs. So far, he has ignored cats. Please contact us if you would like to give Dudley a forever home, and continue his training, to help him become the great dog we know he can be.

Dudley’s story:

I know there must be a place I belong. In my first home, they didn’t have the time or the patience for me, and I didn’t learn the best manners. When I went to the shelter, and then one foster home after another, they were all very kind to me, but I never quite fit in. I love people and dogs and cats, but I just need a little help to learn the right ways to respond to all these strange new situations. I know there must be someone out there who is looking for a companion with my energy, someone who would be willing to help me learn how to get along in a confusing world. Please help me find my forever home. –Love, Dudley.